Technically they’re licensing fees, but really they’re just a great investment.

You: Simply Affordable. Your Clients: Free. As in Zilch.

Whether you choose a monthly subscription or save with a longer license, you get the core NextAgency software: NextBroker agency management system with CRM tools for you and unlimited, free NextHR installations for all your clients.


For NAHU Members Monthly Annually
For your agency and you $200 $2000
For each additional agency user $40 $400
Standard License Fees Monthly Annually
For your agency and you $250 $2500
For each additional agency user $50 $500
NextBroker NextHR NextConcierge
CRM Tools
  • Automated sales and marketing workflows
  • Personalized timeline
  • Prospect & client tracking
Commission Tracking
  • Quick detection of unpaid commissions
  • Commission statement reports
  • Detailed overview of commission records
Benefits Management
  • Convenient benefits management forms
  • Customizable benefits
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Historical data management
Files Tracking
  • User-friendly tree-like overview of all agency-related files
  • Shareable links
  • Convenient sorting and organizing
Leads Tracking
  • Embedding of lead forms with a couple of clicks
  • Ability to add and import incoming leads
  • Quick conversion to prospects
Advanced Search
  • Time-saving search for necessary data
  • Filtering of leads the way you like
  • Saved search filters and sort settings
Multifunctional Dashboard
  • Quick access to the most important NextBroker tools from one place
  • Analysis of productivity with reports
  • Detailed overview of files, tasks and notes
Email Campaigns
  • Unlimited number of email channels
  • Templates and automated email reminders
  • Ability to assign emails
A+ Customer Service & Support
Custom Client Portal
  • Customized dashboard
  • Benefits management
  • Admin and employee roles
Optimized Hiring Process
  • Quick and easy import of employees
  • Simplified onboarding of employees
  • Convenient reminders and follow-ups
Employee Reports
  • Customizable reports with quick filters
  • Time-saving templates
  • Export to Excel
PTO Management
  • Quick logging of hours worked
  • Quick PTO requests and approvals
  • PTO data review
Vendor Libraries
  • Easy management of vendor data from any device
  • Vendor data reports
Files Tracking
  • Convenient sorting and organizing
  • Detailed information on any file
  • Easy sending of files to employees
Personalized onboarding service
  • Custom action plans based on your data
  • Advanced import tools to map your data
  • Top-Notch webinar training and customer support

Please see the Pricing FAQs. You must be and continue to be an active NAHU member to qualify for the lower fee. And yes, we check.

All the pricing periods provide licenses granting full access to NextBroker’s powerful agency management system with CRM tools, sales support, and agency libraries. In addition, each library enables you to give prospects and clients our NextHR employee management platform delivering time and attendance tracking, benefit support, and more.

Best of all, there’s no limit on NextHR installations. Unlimited Groups. Unlimited employees.

Now That’s Simply Affordable.