The NextConcierge On-Boarding Process Overview and Description

As of April 1, 2020


Congratulations. You’ve invested in NextAgency to help you save time, money and clients. To get the most out of the system, you’ll want your current agency data imported into NextAgency.

Good news: we’ve made uploading your data into NextAgency easy and straightforward. However, if you would like us to do most of the work for you, we’re happy to help. Our optional NextConcierge on-boarding service is fast and trustworthy.

In the NextConcierge process, you provide us with the information and files you want moved into NextAgency. We get it there. Both of us have important roles to play. This document describes our mutual commitments and responsibilities. It also includes important information about pricing.

What to Expect

Once you join NextAgency, our support team schedules a welcome call with you. During this call, your concierge will answer questions, start your training, and explain how to get your existing data into the software. We make it easy to import data yourself. Your concierge will explain how we can partner with you on this process.

How your data gets into NextAgency is up to you. We’ll provide advice and training if you do it yourself. If you choose to use NextConcierge, your concierge will review your data and, after determining the resources required, provide you with a proposed cost and timeline.

Types of Data

Our NextConcierge team can help you import information related to the following:

1. Prospects and Clients

2. Employees

3. Contacts

4. Benefits and Policies

5. Notes and Tasks

6. Carriers

7. General Agents

8. Users (your agency’s staff)

9. Documents and Forms

10. Commissions

11. Sub-Agents

Again, NextConcierge is voluntary.

Time and Cost

Each agency is unique. Each agency organizes their data differently. Some are moving to NextAgency from another system; others are going digital for the first time.

Consequently, there is no way to know in advance how long the on-boarding process will take for you. We need to examine the data first. Among the factors we consider are the volume, clarity, organization, and type of your data. For example, it takes longer to upload commission data than contacts.

A critical factor is how long it takes you to provide us with the data and respond to any questions we may have.

No one likes surprises. That is why we provide you with a Statement of Work describing the data to be imported into NextAgency, the expected time required, and the cost. You will receive this Statement of Work prior to the commencement of the NextConcierge process. No work will begin, nor costs incurred, until your agreement to the Statement of Work in writing, which may be done by email. Whether or not to move forward, however, is totally up to you.

The NextConcierge Process

The NextConcierge service involves four steps.

1. Gather. You gather and collect your data.

2. Prepare & Share. You organize your data and deliver it to us.

3. Map & Import. We determine where your data goes in NextAgency and get it there.

4. Sign-off. You tell us the NextConcierge process has been completed to your satisfaction.

Step-by-Step Details

What follows is a more detailed explanation for each step in the NextConcierge process. Your concierge will send you regular updates, so you’ll know where things stand throughout the process.

1. Gather

Most insurance agencies have a lot of data tucked away in file cabinets, Excel spreadsheets, online file programs, other agency management systems, scraps of paper or elsewhere. The first step is for you to gather all your data. This is a great opportunity to do some house cleaning. You may find some of your data is outdated or unnecessary.

Think about what information you really need and to make sure what you send is accurate. We import what you send us – if what you send us is wrong, what we import into NextAgency will be wrong, too.

2. Prepare & Share

Your data needs to be in digital form to be uploaded into NextAgency. Excel, Word and PDF files are already digital. If you are moving to NextAgency from another agency management system you may be able to export your data into spreadsheets. Scanning documents can convert them into digital form.

You will need to identify the data you send us. For example, a list of names may be a roster of individual clients, a group’s employees, vendor contacts or a list of your employees. You will need to let us know. Usually this is as simple as adding a title to the document or adding a column to a spreadsheet.

Before sharing your data, you and your concierge will review what you’ve prepared to make sure we understand what you’re sending us. When your data is ready, we’ll provide you with a secure and private means of sending us your spreadsheets, files and folders.

3. Scrub, Map & Import

Once we receive your organized data, we determine where it goes in NextAgency. Our team converts the data you provide into importable files. This often involves creating a script to import the converted data and files, mapping the data into the appropriate fields and then initiating a migration. This part of the process may involve multiple iterations.

Your concierge will contact you (or your designee) with any questions. If your current data requires fields that NextAgency does not include by default, we will add custom fields to house this information. Your concierge will send you regular updates on our progress, so you know where things stand throughout the process.

4. Sign-off

Our goal with NextConcierge is to quickly and accurately import your data into NextAgency. We review our work, but you’re the final judge of how we’ve done.

We will notify you when we have completed the Map & Import step. It is your responsibility to review the data in NextAgency and to inform us of any errors. We will do our best to fix these errors. When you are satisfied your data is accurately in the system, you will sign-off on our work and the NextConcierge process will be complete. The NextConcierge process will be deemed complete if we do not hear from you within a week of notifying you the data is ready to review.

Please note, during the NextConcierge process, you may suggest enhancements or tweaks to the NextAgency software. We are eager to hear your suggestions. Many of NextAgency’s features are the direct result of requests from our users.

Unless explicitly stated in the time and pricing proposal we provide you, however, those enhancements are outside the NextConcierge process.


1. The fee for your NextConcierge Service will be provided to you in writing prior to work commencing on on-boarding your data. This Statement of Work will also inform you of the time we anticipate will be needed to complete your on-boarding once you provide us with the necessary data. The NextConcierge Service begins only after you approve the Statement of Work in writing. “In writing” includes emails.

2. NextConcierge is an optional service offered by Take 44, Inc., the company behind NextAgency. You are under no obligation to use NextConcierge.

3. In the unlikely event of a dispute over whether we have successfully completed the NextConcierge process, you and we agree to work in good faith to reach a mutually amenable solution. If we reach an impasse we may: stop further on-boarding of your data; delete previously on-boarded data from our servers; return to you any physical material you provided to us; and terminate your NextAgency subscription. You will owe no additional license fees for NextAgency. However, you will receive no refund of license fees paid prior to this termination. In addition, any NextConcierge Service Fees not yet paid under the initial statement of work will be due and payable, unless otherwise agreed to in the Statement of Work.

And Yet Another Word, This One from Our Trainers

We’ve tried to make NextAgency as straightforward and intuitive as possible. We make access to our support team easy. And we have a help desk with useful articles and informative video tutorials. However, as with any software, training can shorten the learning curve. Whether or not you use the NextConcierge service, we provide you with four training sessions of up to an hour for free. You may purchase additional one-hour training sessions at $75 per session. All training sessions are scheduled at our mutual convenience. You can determine the topics covered.

If you have any questions concerning the NextConcierge Service or training, please contact us at

We look forward to working with you.