NextHR: Free Employee Management Software

Add value by helping clients grow their business.

Simplified Hiring

Make it easy for your clients to grow their company by simplifying hiring. Your clients can easily customize a welcome kit for each new employee with all the forms and documents needed available at any time from any device. Works on the the way out for departing employees, too, but lets not dwell on that.

Custom Employee Reporting

Employers create the reports they need to send data to their payroll company, ACA compliance service, HSA administrator or any other vendor. They share a report with select managers to better understand and manage their workforce and benefits making the information available and private.

Time Tracking and PTO Management

Easily track and report hours worked. NextHR makes it easy for employees to enter and for managers to review hours worked and time off requests. Your clients can see at a glance whose at work on any given day and easily publish reports for their payroll and ACA compliance vendors.

Custom Client Portal

A personalized web site for as many clients as you like. Each client portal is private, secure and branded with your agency name and contact information. It’s a powerful way to remind clients of the value you deliver every day.

Vendor Document Libraries

No more hunting for critical HR forms. Or vendor contracts. Or the right phone number. Your clients have convenient access to everything they need for every vendor they use from any device at any time. And the NextHR permission system makes sure only who should see these documents can view them.

Quickly Log Worked Time

Your clients’ employees can record worked hours in their timesheets  and submit those timesheets to their managers with a couple of clicks. NextHR helps to make sure that employee work is tracked and paid accordingly.

Request and Approve Paid Time Off

NextHR offers a fast and convenient way to process PTO. Employees can request time off whereas employers can review and approve those requests. To make sure nothing is missed, NextHR sends automatic email reminders of any pending PTOs and also shows them on the dashboard.

Review PTO Data at a Glance

With NextHR, employers are given a detailed overview of all PTO-related data  , including policies, vacation, holidays, sick leaves, and personal leaves. It’s also possible to incorporate this data into an Excel file with convenient report functionality.

NextAgency Privacy


Protecting Client Privacy

Your clients’ data is their data. Your client need to trust that their financial data–and that of their employees–is safe and secure. With NextAgency they can. We use tough encryption and restrict access to sensitive information. We also give your clients control over who sees what. By default you, their broker, see benefit data. Banking, payroll and other sensitive financial data is, by default, private.

Reducing your liability. Other HR platforms give you complete access to your client data. Why doesn’t NextAgency? Because if there’s a data breach you’ll be asked why you needed that data. And without a good answer, you’re liable. You don’t want that. And neither do we.

And Did We Mention NextHR is Free?

Free, as in no charge — with no limit on the number of groups or employees. When you license NextBroker, you can give your prospects and clients employee and time management software for free.